What if you could see things before they happened?

..4th May

The ins and outs of the market for the daily or the swing trader is hectic! No doubt about it! So trying to keep your cool and making money in the markets consistently is like trying to swim with dumbbells… just not gonna happen.

Unless… you have an edge! And like I always say if I didn’t believe I had an edge I wouldn’t be doing it! Not only that but if I was not able to keep my crap together I also would not be dealing with all the ups and downs of the market!

So what is a good consistent approach that is not going to wreck your nerves, give you sleepless nights in front of the screen checking how your trades are going and make you decent returns without the brain and psychological damage?

Answer: Knowing the hours and the days the markets are going to turn and make their move and at what price you are going to enter according to those hours and the prices you ascertained!

No! Not rocket science! Simply laws of nature! Financial astrology my way! Reading the sky like a book!

The above pictures were the technical analysis and the swing hours known in advance! So before the day starts or even the week starts, you can know in advance when you are going to trade to the hour! Wouldn’t that be something?!! It certainly is something!

I demonstrate this everyday!

Add that to the swing days of the week I determine on the weekend for the week ahead then you have the days and the hours you are going to trade! Add technical analysis pricing then you have time and price and where they meet it is Bingo Night!

Join us here on Substack where soon my paid membership channel will open up and I will post 4 days a week during the times that I am not on holidays about when and what prices markets are very highly likely to turn! If you are interested in learning what I do you can also get in touch with me via my website GlobalTrader.Club