At the you will find a completely different approach to building your trading career. One-on-one training on all the aspects of financial markets trading, with live market trading every day for up to three months ensuring you apply everything you learned with consistency and discipline, thus carving into you a professional approach and bringing you to unconscious competence.

Getting Started

Contact us for an appointment and a comprehensive demonstration so we can answer your questions about what we offer.

When starting your trading journey the first step is to clarify your goals and why you want to do this. Then a structured plan, a road map has to be in place so you can follow your development and measure it as you go forward step by step.

By taking the above steps you are making sure that your learning process is set up for success.

If your goals and intentions are not so clear, it is best to have a talk about how we can plan that future ahead so as you progress every step of the way is meaningful and purposeful towards the end goal.

I personally would have liked such an approach from a mentor when I started, so not having the luxury initially caused a bit of a bumpy ride, however, it should not be like that here at the GlobalTrader.Club and this is why I pay extra attention to talking with every client and being available for their questions whenever they need me.


Our techniques will work on any tradeable asset from crypto-currencies to indices, commodities, stocks, forex, or any other asset you want to trade on your platform.

Currently, the world is one big market and with prices transparent to everyone, anyone can trade the markets with the latest information. 

This is on the one hand advantageous and on the other hand, inundates traders with information. Having up-to-date pricing is great but also being bogged down with every market news and also every market commentary from some analyst will leave you perplexed, inefficient, and even paralyzed.

So if you want a job done, do it yourself. Thus the only way to evaluate the markets and keep your sanity at the same time is if you do it yourself. Based on that, I keep the market integrated into my trading and my life on a need to know for trading basis. Keeping things clean and crystal clear.

One other principle I adhere to is this: “Never ever listen or read the opinions of other analysts or traders!” Nobody knows for sure where the market is going and your guess is as good as anybody else’s and we definitely do not need to put all these traders on a pedestal. I always encourage anyone interested in trading or investing to learn the game themselves.

The market is full of analysts and trust me their chance of getting it right is 50% which is the same as your chances. If you add to that 50% a good training and education, you will be above that 50% and that should be your target.

The market is great! I think it is amazing to be able to trade from anywhere in the world. However, it is also essential to be down to earth and realistic.

I have tried to combine all the things I ever needed for trading under one roof and the outcome is the GlobalTrader.Club. I am sure these will be enough to realize your goals as well.


The most creative and amazing trader career programs and trading strategies will amaze you with accuracy and consistency which you will not find anywhere else.

Our products can not be found anywhere else (unless they steal it) because I have developed them myself! The Trader Programs are not some set of videos or pdf course materials. I teach live one on one ensuring that you understand everything we are going over and can apply them under live market conditions.

My PST (Price Strength Timing) indicator is the world’s first indicator that gives pinpoint pricing based on three dimensions, literally like time, space, and motion! Other indicators will use lines that are not clear for decision-making. When trading you want to understand the price level that you will enter the trade and that PST provides. PST is part of the GlobalTrader.Club’s ATAM (Automated Technical Analysis Method). ATAM will do your technical analysis for you automatically. Allowing you to scan go over numerous assets quickly and picking the best opportunities. This is also another in-house special development from me. ATAM does what I do manually, automatically. Making life easier but deadly accurate.

Astro Timing Analysis and our unique software is our development for calculating astrological phenomena which allow us to pinpoint the hours when the market will turn or break out.

This is also unique to the GlobalTrader.Club because my approach to astrology is not Western astrology or Eastern astrology. It is an ancient method that is way before these popular methods were developed and its accuracy is amazing, to the hour! So you will not find a trader who uses this method and in fact, I doubt if there are many astrologers using this approach for astrology, let alone financial astrology.


Our services are always given one to one ensuring that every trader gets the attention they need to be successful. Becoming a trader is an apprenticeship style of learning. In this profession, the best way to learn is on the job with a trader. 

Accordingly, I developed the teach, train, and trade process. Everyone gets that individual attention and the one-on-one coaching they need to fully grasp everything and to ask any question that comes up. Most questions will come up when you start trading.

This is why our live trading daily routine is very important and essential. When traders go and learn from a course pack they miss the most important aspect of learning, that is on-the-job learning. 

Trading is very different from what you think it is when you are learning from a course or some webinar when compared to real life! If you do not get the real trading experience you will most likely fail. So it should not surprise you to hear that 95% of traders fail. I have therefore tried to set up my services to ensure success for everyone.


We create unique trading applications that you will not find anywhere else, simply because nobody else uses our techniques in astrology or technical analysis.

The GlobalTrader.Club is the first place to come up with an indicator that measures time price (space) and motion.

I took the principle of Gann where price and time are interchangeable and applied to it the measurement of price or space to come up with an indicator that delivers price according to the motion of a time frame. 

Just like Gann converted price into time or time into price. 

So the idea is not new but its application is groundbreaking in trading because it helps you to get in at the right price and at the right time!

The latest development here in astrology for financial markets is also a revolution. Predictions are accurate to the hour.

If you follow my social media posts you will see that the hours I have noted have always worked.

It is not an exaggeration when I say “Learn something that works all the time, every time!” This is where technique and technology meet.


We integrate into the most popular trading platform in the world. MetaTrader platform is our choice of platform for applying our technology.

As the MetaTrader platform is the most popular platform in the world we have integrated our software into this platform. However, if you use other platforms with brokers who do not have MetaTrader, you can still use the MetaTrader platform for your analysis and do your trading with your broker of choice.

I am in the process of planning our applications for other platforms as my PST indicator is very useful in pinpoint accuracy trading.

As we develop it for more platforms you will be able to use it on platforms such as Trading View where you will be able to evaluate much more than a MetaTrader broker.


GTC Membership

$ 79.99 Month
  • Includes daily analysis of Gold, EURUSD, Dow Jones, SP500, NASDAQ & BTC.
  • Daily astro hours for intra day swings and every Monday the Swing Days of the week for the assets.

IMPORTANT: Memberships are charged monthly by the credit card processor automatically every month.
If you wish to cancel you must do so from the member’s area.

All pricing is based on USD but can be paid in the following currencies equivalent in
EUR/AUD/CHF/GBP as per website rates.
*** Wire transfers receive 5% discount on all products except Club Membership fees.

101 Days Trading Career Transformation Program


The Secret A.T.A
(Astro Technical Analysis)


A.T.A. + Trader Program 5% Discount when purchased together

For an asset of your choice
calculation of future swing days and the astro hours for selected days can be provided for the next six months. This can give you the major swings for that asset in the future and accordingly you can take position. This is good for swing and day traders and portfolio managers or long term investors.

Custom Analysis

A.T.A.M Indicators License renewal

Minimal renewal is 3 months
(210 USD/month)


6 Months renewal
(190 USD/month)


12 Months renewal
(180 USD/month)