Marty Meydan



‘Learn something that works all the time, every time!’

In the videos I always say we, but its actually just me! It has always been a one man show!

Meydan & Co./ GlobalTraderClub was first established in Sydney, Australia when I decided to leave my career as an insolvency practitioner in 2005. Since then I have been on the go traveling and also living in different countries from the Middle East to Europe to North America. Using the internet era to trade and live with flexible choices.

Initially, I just set the company up for my personal trading business and later moved it offshore after selling everything, yea including the motorbike which was the sadder part of it. The GlobalTraderClub idea came after several friends also wanted to get into trading. So from just keeping my personal records, the business shifted to consulting companies and traders.

This took a toll on my time. The freedom I wanted and attained with trading, all of a sudden started fading away because of consulting. So I had to come up with something to buy my time back.

Thus came out the FIS (Fund Investment Strategy) and later I turned it into ATAM (the Automated Technical Analysis Method). 

Cutting my technical analysis time from a few hours a day to twenty minutes!

During this time I invented the Price Strength Timing indicator. The world’s first and currently only indicator that gives you precision price levels for trade entries and targets. Designed on how I trade the markets, it allowed me to identify market levels for all time frames in advance.

So you can see what price to buy or sell when the market opens and do not have to be stuck in front of the screen! Then I got my life back!

Only to get hassled again by trader friends to learn and use the strategy. So it grew. Traders could now get the trading strategy and PST. Once again I got stuck for a time now showing others how to use the strategy and the indicator.

This pushed me to develop my latest work. ATA – Astro Timing Analysis. I integrated astrology for timing markets during the day, week, and in fact the whole year in advance. Astrology was always an interest so on the one hand I knew its potential on the other hand I also knew western and eastern methods would not be good with timing. How did I know that, because they never got it right with whatever happened to me? So, I dug deep down to the origins, Sumerians, and Babylon and developed an approach based on pure science and cause and effect rather than the philosophical approaches of the east and west.

Thus we have perfect timing for day and swing trading. Then I did not stop there. I took my Gann calculations and formulated them on excel and developed the Gann chapter so traders can predict future swing days, weeks, months in advance.

That is GlobalTraderClub in a nutshell.

So when I say; ‘Learn something that works all the time, every time!’ I am not kidding.

Now with all the cryptocurrencies out and roaming the planet, learning to trade is not a luxury, it is a must! If you are going to manage your money, your future, and live without getting left behind, learning to trade is not a hobby or some part-time venture. It is a serious consideration that you must realize.

So join us and ‘Learn to trade, learn a new trade!’