Match Price To Time

…but what does it mean?

Yesterday the US had a bank holiday so trading indices obviously not logical! However Gold and EURUSD still okay to trade, so let’s take a look at those two to clarify what matching Price and Time mean on an example.

First of all you must do technical analysis. At the GlobalTrader.Club this is the most important thing, because you need to pick prices where you want to trade, whether you want to buy or sell!

In my videos you will always see me highlight prices! If I was to buy or sell at what price or price range would I do that in? This question must be answered first. According to the answer you will be able to plan your trade. As in the EURUSD example the weekly pivot as is the case for us is always important and when it matches an astro hour shorting it will be on the cards for sure especially when our technical analysis is also telling us short. Then down below in the purple zone you have your target zone! Very important because if you are going to go somewhere I am thinking you know where you are going before wandering off somewhere!

Also as in the gold above. I have to know the price to get in to the trade or the range of the price, I have to know how much to risk and where my target is.

So you might be thinking… if I know all this why bother with timing with financial astrology? Fair question… but if you are trading you know markets like to fake and whipsaw and also markets are now open 24/7. Not knowing when to trade can lead to a bunch of stop outs even if you got the direction correct but missed out because you did not the astro hours and when exactly the move would happen.

Staring at the screen for long hours will wear you out and lead to mistakes and losses.

So technical analysis surely gives me a trade plan but the confirmation that the price is right depends on the astro hour making it a highly likely profitable trade!

So trading at the astro hour which is on your technical analysis level is stress free and you only need to be in front of the computer say 40-60 minutes before the astro to plan and ready yourself for the trade.

I often come across traders who are worn out by the market because they are constantly in front of the screen. They make mistakes are worn out and their psychology becomes unstable and motivation gets dried out.

I specifically worked ages on understanding how astrology can correctly help us, not just to determine the swing days but also to the hour and with technical analysis at the price we want to trade.

In my personal experience since I started trading in 2005, there is not other style of trading that beats financial astrology with technical analysis! Its efficient, has minimum stress factor, high percentage of success and you can plan your day, week in fact the whole year if you want ahead of time and that is priceless!