Calculating Market Swing Days

…like weeks, months ahead

Using financial astrology to predict the major swing days in the year is very much possible. In fact you can calculate the swing days for years to come…

On Sunday I decided to sit down and do exactly that for the assets I analyze! Gold, EURUSD, Dow Jones, SP500, NASDAQ and BTC.

You can obviously do this for any asset once you know what you are doing.

It does not take ages to do and it is worthwhile for me to see the swing days in advance if I am trading so I can plan a head of time and trade on those major days and not get stuck in front of the screen for ages.

At the GlobalTrader.Club I also provide the daily swing hours for the markets and when price meets time on a swing day you are very highly likely to get a great return on your risk!

Look at last Monday’s swing days!

If I know in advance when the swing days are happening I can use technical analysis and daily astro hours to determine where I want to go and when I want to start going there!

Trading really is a science and if you give your self the edge you can be great at it!