Trader Program

Teach, Train and Trade

The trader program is designed as a career program. It is not a course you buy and go off to learn and apply on your own. Trading does not work that way and you will fail! Trading requires an on-the-job approach.

It requires a strategy that works consistently and it requires a coach that will take you through the steps day after day so you can apply what you learned consistently.

Without this consistency and the mentor to answer your questions and correct your mistakes as you trade live, you will not be successful! Trading can only be a dream for you and a big waste in time and money.

This apprenticeship approach is necessary if you want to ensure a hands-on approach and gain experience under live market conditions before heading out there into the markets.

In order to provide a hands-on approach under live market conditions, I developed the 69 Days and the 101 Days Trader Career programs.

These programs teach, train and trade. You first need to get a consistent approach to trading and in order to do that you need to learn technical analysis and money management and trade planning for discipline.

I incorporated all of these principles under a five-step process. Repeating this process for every trade will bring consistency and a high probability of winning trades.

To make sure you apply them consistently I will be doing a live analysis of the market with you everyday.

The 69 day and the 101 days trader program has 1 month of live market analysis included in the course.

This allows you to apply what you learned consistently under my supervision. Once we repeat this enough times the process will turn into discipline and subconscious competence, like driving a car, you know how to drive it in a competent fashion subconsciously.

If you do your research you will rarely find a trader that will trade with you and take you through the steps every day and walk the walk and take responsibility for your growth.

GlobalTrader.Club is unique in its trading approach and also in the way we take care of everyone, as I learned in the army… no one gets left behind even if they die.

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