Astro Timing Analysis


Astrology in the financial markets may sound far-fetched to some, but that is only because you have never seen how it works…

The secret everyone wants

Gann Techniques

I will show you how to make calculations that predict swing tops and bottoms way into the future, days, weeks, months and even years…

teach, train and trade

Trader Program

The trader program is designed as a career program. It is not a course you buy and go off to learn and apply on your own…

Automated Technical Analysis Method


Trading requires an approach that enables you to determine the correct price for trade entry, stop loss for risk management…

completely different approach



At the you will find a completely different approach to building your trading career. One on one training on all the aspects of financial markets trading, with live market trading everyday for up to three months ensuring you apply everything you learned with consistency and discipline, thus carving into you a professional approach and bringing you to unconscious competence.

Getting Started

Contact us for an appointment and a comprehensive demonstration so we can answer your questions about what we offer.


Our techniques will work on any tradeable asset on your MT platform from crypto currencies to indices, commodities, forex or any other asset your broker has.


The most creative and amazing trader career programs and trading strategies that will amaze you with accuracy and consistency and you will not find anywhere else.


Our services are always given one to one ensuring that every trader gets the attention they need to be successful.


We create unique trading applications that you will not find anywhere else, simply because nobody else uses our techniques in astrology or technical analysis.


We integrate in to the most popular trading platform in the world. MetaTrader platform is our choice of platform for applying our technology.

Join the club!

Join the Club!

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Probably the only place in the world where you can learn financial astrology, learn unique techniques and innovations like the PST indicator, and stick your head into the market with us and trade live!

We look at a range of assets for investing, trading the short to long terms, and give you the opportunity to grow your skills.

The environment will keep you trading safe and give you the opportunity to improve your skills and earn at the same time by following us in our routine, analysis, and trades!

Partner with me

Great Opportunity to

Build your business

I would like all traders to have an edge. The way to have an edge is to use a method that works well all the time, every time. If you are a trader or serve clients and would like to share our approach to trading with them, then partner with me.

Let’s bring this unique approach to trading to all traders around the world. This is a great opportunity to build your business with new services and products you can present to your clients and create extra revenue for yourself.

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The knowledge

If you have friends who trade or are interested in trading, bring them along and share the knowledge. GTC members or clients who refer a friend that takes up our services receive ATAM license rewards!  And if you never used ATAM before I will teach you how to use it free.

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GTC Membership

$ 79.99 Month
  • Includes daily analysis of Gold, EURUSD, Dow Jones, SP500, NASDAQ & BTC.
  • Daily astro hours for intra day swings and every Monday the Swing Days of the week for the assets.

IMPORTANT: Memberships are charged monthly by the credit card processor automatically every month.
If you wish to cancel you must do so from the member’s area.

All pricing is based on USD but can ALSO be paid in the following currencies equivalent in
CAD/EUR/AUD/CHF/GBP as per website rates.

101 Days Trading Career Transformation Program


The Secret A.T.A
(Astro Technical Analysis)


A.T.A. + Trader Program 5% Discount when purchased together

For an asset of your choice
calculation of future swing days and the astro hours for selected days can be provided for the next six months. This can give you the major swings for that asset in the future and accordingly you can take position. This is good for swing and day traders and portfolio managers or long term investors.

Custom Analysis

A.T.A.M Indicators License renewal

Minimal renewal is 3 months
(210 USD/month)


6 Months renewal
(190 USD/month)


12 Months renewal
(180 USD/month)


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