Not Going To Happen!

…never ever, when trading

In the midst of the 21st century distraction is abundant and keeping focus is a big effort for all of us. Especially if you are trading financial markets like forex and SP500 or options and cryptos.

When we have so much distractions the day does not have enough hours to get everything done and thus hence forth comes in to play multitasking!

Do Not go down that road if you are trading! You will damage your trading profits.

Multitasking gets you in a rush and a rush job or a trade for this matter is not what you want to do.

As a trader from home it is important to set up a routine for the day and let those around you know you have work hours and are not available. Working from home is already a drama for most people and keeping a disciplined routine is hard and add on to that people knocking and coming in for a chat or two or asking for things as if you are not working and are on a holiday is not going to help.

Add to that the internet, social media, YouTube videos and you can be out of focus for extended periods of time.

To help my trading I also had to develop a routine but also developed my trading strategy for working from home as well. Since I understood that the wife and the kids are going to keep coming in and asking for things.

That is trading based on astro hours. If I know the hours the market will turn and make the swings and also if I know the swing days as well, all in advance then I can plan my hours and the days in advance.

For a trader this is a dream come true! Otherwise you are getting wrecked in front of the screen waiting for something to happen and you can not even tell if it is going to go your way or not!

Financial astrology with technical analysis as done by us at the GlobalTrader.Club is a life saver!