Automated Technical Analysis Method

Trading requires an approach that enables you to determine the correct price for trade entry, stop loss for risk management and profit-taking. That means a consistent strategy with consistent calculations.

Astrology will not give you a price. It will give you the right time. So for the benefit of making life even easier for traders, I developed ATAM. An application for the MetaTrader platform.

ATAM will do your technical analysis automatically and will update itself according to changing market conditions and will give you entry and targets based on price and the PST indicator. Price Strength & Timing indicator. Technical analysis on price alone will not be enough! If you want to trade like the banks buying and selling at precision points then PST is that calculator.

Many times traders wonder why the market bought at that price, they wonder because they only look at the price and miss out on the impact of time, strength, and price balance.

Precision pricing is required if you want to ensure a good risk-return ratio. This is why I developed the world’s first indicator that generates price based on the strength of the moves in the market according to the time frame the trader is using, balanced by the price. The advantage of the PST in comparison to just technically analyzing the price chart is, it provides all the levels that you could never guess. When the market buys and sells at certain prices it is mostly not the price but the power behind the price.

PST measures that power for the time chart and converts it into the price. Similar to converting price into a future time as in Gann calculations.

PST is a very unique indicator and one of its kind. I am sure you will find it pretty amazing.

ATAM is a licensed application and if you choose to use it, it will require renewal of licensing.

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