Astro Timing Analysis

Astrology in the financial markets may sound far-fetched to some, but that is only because you have never seen how it works and how precise it is in action. In fact most skeptics are only skeptical because they can not fathom or accept the idea of planets controlling our actions, and have never bothered to investigate its potential.

I have proven on numerous occasions through my posts in social media that astrology does work in the financial markets. 

Gann also used it and many great traders still do!

My approach is unique in the sense that I do not use Western or Eastern (Vedic) astrology. I use a practical method dating all the way back to the Sumerians. An easy to understand and apply method that gives precise timing up to the hour/minute.

There are many astrologers out there who use Western and Eastern methods and they have one thing in common. The timing is wrong! This is also why people who are interested in the idea also get discouraged. I say astrology works every time, all the time. If it works only on occasions it is called a fluke or random chance. I evaluate the sky under four dimensions whereas most astrologers only use one dimension. This is why 75% of the story is missing for them!

Not only that, but both Westerns and Eastern astrologers use houses to determine the area of interest, however there are at least, if not more, than a dozen house systems. So which one do you use when astrologers themselves are perplexed by the topic and are in disarray? I do not use houses. Simple reason is, it is inconsistent and that makes the approach random and non-scientific.

This is the worst kind of astrology because astrologers generalize the matter at hand and always have a back door excuse telling you ”but you have free choice”. 

This lame approach gives astrology a really bad name. I have proven on numerous occasions how astrology timing works all the time, every time. 

I will show you how to pick out the hours where the market is going to turn or make a move that will be worth trading.

You will stop wasting time in front of the screen and trade only when the day, hour and the price is right!

This approach also makes trading feasible as a part time job or a full time job with a lot of free time on your hands for the things you want to do in life.

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