Gann Techniques

The secret everyone wants

I will show you how to make calculations that predict swing tops and bottoms way into the future, days, weeks, months, and even years ahead.

These calculations include astrology and maths. They have been integrated into excel worksheets with formulas, allowing you to use a standard template and determine the future swing dates for any asset you want to trade.

Projecting price and time to the future, using planetary cycles for swings and mathematical functions is an accurate and consistent approach that Gann used.

These techniques will save you time because you will only need to look out for certain dates when the market is highly likely to make a swing. 

You will not be wasting time needlessly in front of the screen wondering what action to take and when to take it. My approach is a trader’s dream come true!

Gann techniques cherry-pick the dates in the future and ATA will cherry-pick the right hours to enter that swing on that day! 

Can it get any better? Yes, it can! Read how the ATAM strategy works and you will be further amazed to see how everything comes to-gether in one approach!

Your trading will be fun and stress-free! I guarantee you! There is no other approach that can predict swing days, the swing hour, and the price all together in one approach to the markets.

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