Using Financial Astrology Correctly

…with technical analysis!

An edge is a necessity in any business.

Despite the fact that I trade from home and have developed my astro approach and my technical analysis unique pricing indicator over years with a great degree of accuracy one can still not help but wander in thought if there is anything else! Personally had it not been for that pondering around I would not have come up with it all.

However a tool is only as good in the hands of a master. If you don’t master how to use the tools you will end up disappointed. The trick for me has always been patience and perseverance! If I know I have a killer tool then it is a matter of practicing patiently and applying the art!

It is not rocket science but like with all things in life every art needs time and trading if you ask me is an art! An art that any persistent person who wants to get something done master in several months!

For a skill that makes you money all the time its not such a high price! Considering you went to school, college and if like me did your masters degree its a drop in the ocean!

The trick is to know technical analysis! Then add on to it the timing! When they match its a bingo deal!

Getting your technical analysis right should take, a regular person who would follow my routine every day consistently, about two to three months! If you do the asto analysis with it at the same time then you have double the advantage as you can place price and time together!!! Then trading becomes fun!

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PS: Don’t forget your money management & trader discipline! See previous post! ?