Trading with astrology

Astrology has been used by humans for thousands of years. The reason it is still around is because it works. However, over time astrology has turned from a scientific cause and consequence science by the acts of planets, to all kinds of philosophical interpretations which are completely unscientific.

The most amazing discovery I made during my research on financial astrology is that it has shown me that the Western and the Eastern approach to astrology does not work! The reason being is that both methods have a house system approach. In Western astrology alone there are a dozen manin different house calculations. So which one do you use?

On so many occasions I have witnessed astrologers getting things wrong and especially the timing wrong as well. Every now and again they get the timing right but this is not astrology, that is a fluke, a random chance event.

If astrology is to be treated seriously in trading we need a scientific approach that works all the time and every time! That is what I have came up with in my approach to astrology. In ancient times astrology was used for harvests, the timing of seasons, and the prediction of events. I have taken their logic and approach and applied it to the known planets of the twenty-first century.

If you are following me on social media you will see that I always post before and after pictures or give the link to the video that was sent to clients noting the hours I mentioned and then post the outcomes.

My specific approach is consistent and it works on every occasion that I noted! This is astrology as a science. The ability to see it work on all those specific hours time after time demonstrated it works, but the approach I use works!

So do not confuse my approach to all kinds of astrology methods our there that give you all kinds of philosophies that simply will not work because it is not measurable.

If you are serious about trading and making money, astrology, the way I calculate it, is an approach you can not afford to bypass. Try it and your trading will take a whole new dimension and you will discover yourself at a new level.