Trading Strategy

You will find the internet full of trading strategies and indicators or expert advisors. However, when you get them or try to apply them they do not work.


The answer is simple.

Any method you want to apply requires you to understand it and take ownership of it. Meaning to learn it and to learn it really well. Therefore going off to buy a miracle strategy or robot will not make you successful. You have to understand the mentally behind that strategy so you can make sense of it and take preemptive action when necessary.

Trading is not a get-rich scheme as most new traders think. This lack of understanding causes many people who want to be traders to lose money. If you do not treat trading as a career job with a seriousness then you will fail. Trading requires knowledge, lots of practice and you need to bring your strategy together yourself.

The reason you have to understand a method and be involved in the strategy as if it is your own is the only way you can have confidence in your trading. This confidence has to be built through actions, i.e. trading consistently using the method.

The easiest and efficient way to do this is live with a trader. Imagine learning to swim on your own. It would be pretty difficult and very dangerous! Trading is the same way. Learning it on your own is not a good idea and it really as dangerous as you might lose large amounts of money.

So if you want to trade then learn how to trade and learn it as your trade and do not do what most people do which is to trade, lose money and then try to learn how to trade.

Be smart! Before you go off driving you to learn the road rules then you learn how to drive the car. Without this process, you will not be successful.

Learn first, learn on the job and then trade with ongoing support so you can build yourself with confidence correctly.