Trading Steps

…make it a routine & build consistency

To have a daily routine is really important. This can get you in to the correct frame of work straight away.

I start the routine generally on a Sunday and the first thing I do is to check the sky for the whole week. That’s right, Monday to Friday I want to know what is going on in the sky.

Once I know the weekly movement of the planets I figure out the swing days for the week of the assets I look at or provide to the Club members.

Then comes the daily routine:

1- Check the news and economic calendars (mind you because I use astro hours I rarely look at the news now days, but if you are not using astrology this should be the first thing on your list!)

2- Technical analysis. Figure out your direction and the prices to trade.

3- Make your trade plan for price and astro hours if using astrology.

4- Enter & manage the trade according to the trade plan.

5- Do postmortem. Note any mistakes or bad habits you might have that needs adjusting.

No plan no trading. No consistency no trading.

Remember you are accountable for your own life and your trades included!

Psychology is a big part of trading so it pays to plan your day and trade when you are in a healthy and clean mental state.