Trader Failure

…its the same for everything

In my articles I always mention what needs to be done in order to succeed in trading but its the same thing for everything!

To be successful you need a desire to be successful. Our nature can not move forward if we do not have the desire to make it! The majority of humanity does not have a great desire for anything. They would love to just get by at a comfy level and not go beyond. Which is fair enough, but it won’t get you a step ahead.

To be something you have to have an idea of what that something is, a definition or a vision or a model of it and then you can have a game plan step by step to move in that direction!

The next thing you need is the patience and the persistence to crunch it every day.

You can only keep moving forward if your desire to what you want to be is important for you. If the importance is declining you need to find ways to increase it because by nature we are always going to move towards comfort zones since moving forward is always an effort!

Now if you understand this formula I think you can move forward better since you have an understanding of your nature but if not you are going to give up as you get out of your comfort zone and as you fail a few times you are going to give up!

But failures in life is exactly where you get educated by life because a failure shows what you should or should not do to achieve your goal!

So the 99% as they call the masses will never know success because they do not have the drive and they do not find ways to pump up their initial drive, making themselves a failure simply because they do not understand how life and human nature works.

What we need is to learn a skill and keep it important for ourselves by using an environment that can support us when we need it! GlobalTrader.Club is specifically designed for this because a good environment where you can get support is crucial when attaining any goal, even more for a skill like trading!