Trade Smart

…before the markets drain you completely

As most of you already know the markets are open 24/7 & are draining for day traders especially for those who are also working a full time job! So how to trade smart and use time effectively!

Here is how!

Every Monday London morning I give the swing days of the week and every day I give the swing hours and the prices for selected assets. So why not just focus on those days and hours!

Is it nuclear physics? Is it rocket science? Is it a miracle? No! No! No!

Its financial astrology with technical analysis! Creepy huh?! But believe what you see not what you ASSUME or you will make an ASS out of U and ME! 🙂

The only place you will find it on the planet is here at GlobalTrader.Club

What you need to know is time and price! Then your success rates are going to be amazing!

Have a great Sunday!