To the moon… literally

Who am I?

A question we should surely be asking ourselves more often than not, in my opinion any way. So having asked that question on numerous occasions I have withdrawn myself from the general mundane affairs of life at 30. Like ages ago and built a bubble around myself. Trading from home and consulting, travelling, studying, learning whilst seeking the purpose of my life as a spiritual endeavor.

I use my unique approach to financial markets with astronomy and a unique indicator for pricing based on time, space and motion which gives price instead of wiggly lines!

This is a unique approach because it requires reading the sky like a book…

Trading, travelling, training, teaching, seeking the meaning of life… must admit trading made it all possible!

1. Why now?

There is a time for everything in life and I guess this is the time that I felt ready to put it out there… All this time you had your thoughts and ideas and plans and actions… at least you thought you did.

So this is the place to discover that you were the outcome and never the reason for what happened. Yea weird but it is true and proven all through the sky and the financial markets… what a contradiction huh?

2. Who are you?

Well… it is for those who are trading financial markets.

By the way, this is not a financial markets news letter like you ever experienced before.

If you are trading, hopefully you know what you are doing!

You need to have good technical analysis skills so you can match the hours to technical analysis price levels. Like below… horizontals are price vertical lines time!

If you do not have good technical analysis skills get educated and if you want you can take this course if you have a desire for it Trader Career Program But if you do not know how to analyze the market and you are trading, “you are screwed. Don’t do it!”

You also need a money management regimen. If you do not possess such a skill, yea you guessed it “you are screwed. Don’t do it!”

What you are getting here is priceless because I am giving the hours for when to trade at the right price. The hours of when the action will happen so you can have a life outside of staring at the screen!

Knowing the day the market will swing and the hour it will swing is already priceless. Add if it matches the technical right price, with your money management, then you are looking at great odds of winning! Priceless…

Yea… a weird approach huh? Now think about this… if I can predict when the markets will turn consistently… where do you think your freedom of will is? Questions, questions… Well this service is all about seeing things before they happen so you don’t say to yourself “oh I wish I traded that…!” or worse “ah crap! I wish I stayed out of the market today…!”

3. Specifics

I will post a video everyday Monday to Thursday showing my technical analysis and what I anticipate will happen and showing the prices to trade from.

Even though I do not work on Fridays, I mostly do post and Friday posts will be free to all subscribers.

In addition to the daily market video:

Every Monday I will post the swing days I calculated for the assets being analyzed.

Every day I will post the swing hours I calculated for the assets being analyzed.

So think out of the box! You are going to know the days when the market will make a swing for the assets I analyze and at what hour each day the market will make a swing or break out.

I will post specifically for Gold, EURUSD, US Indices and Bitcoin. Might add others here and there, but I don’t like to lose focus, less is more!

I do not post when I am on holiday and I do take a decent holiday period, since I realized that the purpose of my life is not to work to the bone like a slave!

I work smart and play hard!

I am off 1 week in spring, 1 week in Autumn, 1 week in Winter and all of August! Yea its awesome! Since I am, and have always been a one man show, if there is an emergency I obviously won’t post then, but will certainly keep you all notified (unless incapacitated to do so…)

In addition to Fridays being free posts for all, I will post articles open to all regarding what I expect will happen in the future and my take on matters regarding life. I don’t write or talk about what happened, simply because it is already done and does not interest me.

I like to see things before they happen. So, my articles will reflect what I expect will happen in the future and my take on life.