The Holy Grail

…closer than ever

With posts like these 👍everyday, showing financial astrology and technical analysis, one can’t but wonder whether this is for real or is it the holy grail that every trader is after?

Every tool needs mastery and only then can it be the holy grail for you!

Human nature is attracted to easy money and that’s understandable since nobody wants to work and everybody wants to have fun! So humanity has come up with indicators and expert advisors and trading bots and yada yada ya…

Artificial intelligence and all kinds of bots and automated systems are being used in the markets by the big banks and huge hedge funds now a days!

So how come astrology still works when I determine market swing days and hours! Well I guess no matter what we come up with we can not change where life wants to take us to!

Everyone wants to build a good life! Fair enough, our nature wants to be happy! However in life you always have to pay a price, there is no other way!

Life has its own rules and it is waaaay above humanity and what we think we are doing with our lives or even considering what to do with our lives!

Financial astrology and technical analysis is as close as you can get to the holy grail, but to make it a holy grail you need to master it! Just like any job and there is no other way. So if you are going to trade you might as well trade with the best tools you can get your hands on and save your self a lot of time and effort by trading at certain hours and certain days rather than spending your life in front of that screen for ever!

At the GlobalTrader.Club we understand there are three dimensions to trading! Price, Time & you! Making the best out of the first two and developing your trader discipline will get you winning dates above and beyond 80% with financial astrology and technical analysis as I had previously posted on Twitter and Facebook many months ago!

Have a great weekend!