The Great Resignation

July 4 Sep 4.4 million Americans resigned!

Is it a surprise?

If you read my previous articles that I posted on my LinkedIn ( before you would have read articles mentioning unemployment and the slow down of the economy. If you also heard some of my lessons from last year (I also teach laws of nature and spirituality free) I also did mention that the Covid will be changing the way we look at life.

This is obviously far better than a world war so we really need to be thankful to Corona that it has had an awakening impact on us. Anyway, in those lessons I did mention that people will not want to go back to work. The reason is life stopped us and gave us time to think. Something we could not do! The virus took us out of the box and all of a sudden we were working from home and we liked it. Our nature by default will not want to go back to something bad. This was a prediction that was bound to eventuate sooner or later.

So now we have millions of people who are leaving work and do not want to get back into the rat race. Rightfully so. Why would you keep slaving away? The new generation is very different and the way they see things is revolutionary and we have to understand that this is how we evolve and change.

According to JOLTS 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 and that reached 4.4 million just in September!

Why? Because we no longer want to put up with it! The things we go through in life are changing us and there comes a point where we all say enough to things and this is one of those things.

This will spread around the globe as I hear from more and more clients from around the world that they want a simpler life where they can just get by and not have a bunch of worries all the time.

So on the one hand we will not want to go back to the old way of life, on the other hand we will need to maintain our lives. A dilemma people will have to solve.

You might wonder why I write such an article on a financial markets business website… guys life is not all about money! If you do not run after it so much it comes to you, if you keep running after it you are going to get disappointed… Try to trade for a living instead of trying to get rich from trading! You’ll find life treats you more generously when you don’t get greedy.