Money Isn’t Everything

…because your life has a meaning…

It would be hard to believe that life is purposeless as only a child or a fool would do something without a purpose.

… and without knowing the purpose how can we expect any clarity when we are going through all kinds of dramas every day, without understanding as to why. Thus making the question “Why me?” the most popular question in the world.

Now this article might sound weird coming from me, a trader by profession and right in the middle of financial markets every day… literally! Seemingly the only thing that matters is money, money and even more money!

However, no matter what our profession is or what we are interested in, in our day to day lives, living without an inner emphasis as to why am I living or what am I living for, can be a cause for all kinds of stress and depression, alcohol and drug use, lack of happiness and direction in life, feeling alone and stuck and even suicide.

As our nature dictates to us, we all want to be happy. This is why we chase all kinds of pleasure everyday to get some fulfilment out of life. So most of humanity considers the purpose of life as wanting to be happy! To make the best of life, as they say!

And if we are not happy then what?

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In a world where we mostly have all the things we deem necessary to live at the tip of our fingers in the developed world, why is being happy so hard and depression and lack of fulfilment is the most common problem.

There is a formula in nature which all of us should know well.

Law: when you fulfill a desire, the pleasure cancels the desire!

Leaving you to run after another desire to fulfill but only to make you feel lacking fulfillment again and will have you running forever until the end of your life!

So what is the answer to stop this rat race.

Seek joy amongst people that you care about and care about you genuinely. Only mutual good connection between people who genuinely care about each other creates ongoing happiness. And even if this relationship ends, you can still have some pleasure from it in the future that brings a smile to your face… its called nostalgia.

Have a great Sunday with your loved ones!