Mondays for traders can be manic…

…with astro hours it can be sweet

Trading Mondays for most is a drama, it really is as the markets are trying to figure out direction as traders are trying to stick their heads in there some where!

This is no way to make a living from the markets! As you stress and blood pressure levels will start simmering like a pressure cooker. Also if you have no trader discipline not proper money management you are going to get mucked around with by the market!

So how to make Monday a joy to trade or let it go by if you don’t see anything worthwhile doing? Question is how to see when the market will move or not!

Two things you need to know… okay well three is better!

1- high probability swing days of the week for the asset you are trading,

2- high probability hours of the day when swings will happen,

3- a trade plan.

This allows you to relax because you have ample time to plan as the astro hours and the swing days are well ahead! You can calculate it from days, weeks or even years ahead! So Monday and coming in to today looked like this…

Now don’t get me wrong this is not the holy grail… but its pretty dawn close!

As a trader you MUST still have a good knowledge of technical analysis and money management so you can bring it together! The timing is crucial because its all about timing and price that come together!

So with your technical analysis you understand whether you are a buyer or a seller or can be both if markets are ranging sideways & then you wait for the right time! The beauty is you know highly likely at what day and time of the that day the markets are going to swing or break out!

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