Learning to survive

…in treacherous markets

As most of you know I used to be an insolvency accountant in Sydney Australia for one of the big firms. As I started getting restless in my career, which was actually going really well from a career perspective, I started sniffing around as to what I can do on my own for my self!

Then I discovered the financial markets! Had no idea about it at all! Zilch!

But being an accountant with a Masters Degree I knew the value of first getting educated!

The financial markets has a lure around it. Its fun, prestigious, one likes to talk about it and there is a weird sensation of wanting to be in it and trade and make money from it because it seems easy and doable!

Look I’ll be honest with you, I would not want to be operated on by a person who did not have a medical degree AND some decent experience on the job!

So why would you go about risking your money, because it is risky, without investing in yourself first and getting in there with the proper tools!

My success came through education and application of it systematically. If I had not gone through that I would not have been able to develop my own indicator; PST the world’s first and only indicator that gives precision pricing nor would I have been able to develop the astro trading method which is once again unique only to me.

Do not go out there to trade without a decent understanding of what you are doing because you will get crucified!

Trading is a profession and if you treat it like one you can eat its sweet fruit. Online trading has given the opportunity to trade and travel and have a pretty good life doing the things I want to do! BUT make no mistake dreams won’t get you there! Education and practical on the job training with perseverance will!

Have a great day!