Its very personal

…every trader has their own style

Learning to trade is like learning any trade thus my line at the Globaltrader.Club has always been ‘“Learn to trade, Learn a trade!”

Because this is a profession and if you don’t treat it as one you are going to get taught the lessons from the market. If you let the market teach you, then you are going to pay a hefty price, make no mistake about it.

Learning to trade and using what you learnt are also two different things:

1- you need to learn technical analysis for pricing, financial astrology for timing, money management to keep you sane & lastly trader discipline to keep you consistent!

2- like with everything you are going to have to develop your own personal approach, because just like our faces are different the way we apply what we know will be different.

Here the most important thing though, is what is going to give you the best successful trades percentage and that can only happen if you know price and time and using them together effectively and efficiently.

Just like you wouldn’t use a gun without a proper training and education, why would you trade and risk your hard earned money without the proper training and education and the support for development for ongoing professional education just like in your regular career!?