How not to fail when 96% of people fail in personal development!

Millions of people take personal development or personal change courses. They buy courses on books and video and are all excited when they buy that package and initially they have a good motivation too!

So why do 96% of people who take courses and training programs fail in their endeavor?

This is a huge amount of people going from one course to another and never getting it done! A huge waste of time and money and also rather depressing. Imagine all those people selling courses to millions of people and 96% of them are not going to make it.

So how can I, a wannabe trader become successful? How can I not fall into the 96% of failures but shift myself into the success zone?

Indeed I get asked a lot of questions from people who want to trade? The most amateurish questions are always those that ask about success rate, profit rate and how much can they make while trading? This group of people I have never taken seriously because first of all these questions are completely stupid. What people make in their professions varies. What a good doctor makes is much higher than what a regular family practitioner makes. A good lawyer makes much more than your standard lawyer and Jeff Bezos is a businessman and so is my local supermarket owner, however despite the fact that they both sell products for consumers, they are not making the same amount!

So what you make depends on you! The sooner you get this through your head, the more sound your entry into the world of trading will be. 

First things first: Do not focus on the money you are going to make, focus on the skills that will make you money! Because if you have the skillset and the ability to apply it consistently then you can make money in this market, and a lot of it!

The reason for failure in forex, crypto trading, or financial markets, in general, is due to two main things;

1-      The lack of desire and motivation of the individual to see it through.

2-      The lack of an environment that supports and motivates and guides you through the process on the job!

Many people start things with enthusiasm because they want to do something that they think or believe is going to be great or has the potential to be great. However, most dreams are easily shattered because most courses have a sell-and-forget policy. This policy is the reason why 96% of people fail in the changes they want to make to their lives and trading is no different.

So let us take a look at trading a bit closer.

On the internet, trading is perceived as an easy to make money and get rich scheme. So many people want to jump on board and end up losing their hard-earned money. Most people do not even research trading properly. They stick their head in but they do not realize what they got into until it’s either too late and they blew their account or they had to take a loss and realize things are not what they appear to be.

So how can we overcome failure in financial markets and be good traders?

1- Get yourself a trading coach that will take you by the hand and will show you how to trade on the job! I mean live analysis and live trading! Someone that will be motivating and inspiring so you can be motivated to move your butt!

2- The environment! The impact of the environment is much more serious than you may know. We are products of the environment so if  I do not have a good trading and trader environment the probability of success is pretty much,  yea you guessed it zero!

The above two factors are the most important things for you to keep your focus and move forward!

Now make no mistake, if you do not have a trading coach or trading buddies and if you do not put in your fair share of the work and stick your head into the environment, you will fail!

Trading is something you learn on the job! Not in your fantasies! So if you want to make money trading then you better treat it like a profession and a career!

There is no other way!  

The solution:

1- GlobalTrader.Club Trading Career Programs: designed to coach you one on one so you can learn to trade on the job. Learn the techniques and strategies that the best traders use and then put them to the test in the market under live market conditions.

2- GlobalTrader.Club Members Zone: an environment where you need to log in and stay in when you are trading. A members area with no BS. Dedicated strictly to the point. The objective is for us to profit, all the time. So the members’ zone is where we share trading ideas and the positions we are getting into and why we are getting into those positions. The members’ zone is an area where we can constantly interact about the trades, and make sure we do not do something stupid!

So if you want to be a profitable trader, you better get the above right, or it’s going to be a pretty short and nasty experience!