How Financial Astrology Can Help You In Your Trading

At what day will an asset make a swing day this week and at what hour will the market turn today?

Financial Astrology Developed by Marty Meydan for day and swing traders. www.GlobalTrader.Club

The markets are open 24 hours 7 days a week. Would it not be amazing if you knew the days and the hours the market will swing in advance? Currently you are stuck in front of the screen for hours and hours day after day. Losing focus and getting sleepless! Stressed out and agitated. I know because I have been there and it is a night mare. This is why I came up with something that you will not find anywhere else! Financial Astrology + Technical Analysis + Practical Money Management! For trading results beyond your imagination!

At what Price and at what Day and Time!

The answers to these questions you can know way in advance.

Imagine how your trading would be if you knew this information and added it to your technical analysis!

For many people financial astrology is still a mystical and silly way to trade. What can you do if people’s ignorance overrides their desire to investigate and learn? You can not do anything, they just carry on living like everyone and end up dying like everyone…

Financial astrology is a wild goose chase for many people who tried it out because nobody really understands how it works and nobody really has a concrete method that they can pass on. However, at the GlobalTrader.Club I have developed a step by step financial astrology course strictly for trading. My name is Marty Meydan and this is it.

Everyday I show before and after videos at my YouTube channel.

Financial astrology is now easier to learn than ever! For one thing, I am not an astrologer, you can say it was always just a research hobby. However, I am a trader and I use astrology. I have integrated my knowledge on astrology to use it safely and methodically, meaning scientifically!

If you want to trade successfully, I say you must use technical analysis, astrology and money management together! If you do not bring these together you can not succeed! Easy as that!

The financial astrology that I developed allows you to calculate the swing days in the market and the turning hours of the market as well.

The technical analysis method I developed will give you pricing levels that the market will hit.

When you bring the swing day calculation and the market turn hours together with your technical analysis, your trading becomes a whopping success.

You see, the market always has possible turns at multiple levels. Just determining good price levels to enter a trade is not good enough. If you knew the hour the market will turn and if you saw the price come to a price level you determined, then you would not hesitate to trade it because that is time and price coming together and the market will turn at that price! No doubt about it!

Even the greatest traders that used astrology like W D Gann did not forget about technical analysis and money management! If you want to trade with amazing accuracy you must bring the financial astrology concept of time together with technical analysis and money management. If you maintain this discipline your success as a trader will be beyond your imagination!

At the GlobalTrader.Club I developed our financial astrology method for day trading, swing trading and even long term trading.

I have brought this knowledge into a financial astrology course that is step by step and easy to learn and apply. In just 15 to 30 minutes a day you can calculate, at what hour the market will turn today!

Also with the ready made excel spreadsheets I prepared calculating swing days and future dates is an automated process.

Learn technical analysis with financial astrology the Marty Meydan way at the GlobalTrader.Club and your trading will be at a level beyond other traders!

GlobalTrader.Club members and students also enjoy ongoing support through membership privileges, so they can always get help whenever needed.