How does, what I do work?

…when trading the financial markets

When trading there are three dimensions which can all be calculated beforehand!

If you want to trade the success is based on predicting when “something” will happen!

That “something” is the price and the time and the day it will happen!

So knowing the highly likely swing day in advance would be a great bonus! Second great bonus would be the hours of the day it is likely to turn at. Last but not least the price!

Bring all these together you can increase success rate, decrease stress levels and save yourself a lot of precious time.

The markets are open 24/7 for crypto and 24/5 for regular markets and the last thing you want is to get stuck in front of the screen for hours and hours not knowing when or if anything will happen at all! Further more will it even happen at your price choice?

Below is gold daily chart. Every Monday the GlobalTrader.Club publishes swing days so knowing the highly probable days gives you an amazing advantage!

GOLD Daily Chart

Now add to that the swing hours of the ‘“day” AND the possible price levels for the asset! Below is a gold example from 3 April low. I mark the prices on the horizontal plane and the hours on the vertical plane and where they meet its bingo day!

3 April 2023 Swing low at the swing hour and price intersection.

Obviously these are published in advance with high probability swing days and hours and prices! So any trader can see that the benefits are a huge potential. Mind you as I fin tech developer I have been trying to find an investor to get this automated or at least semi automated but no luck so far! So I said “whatever” just do your own thing and here it is!

Anyway, if you are interested in these things follow on if you like…

What should you know? What is on your part to do?

Well for one thing, if you are trading obviously you need to know technical analysis AND money management! If you do not know these two things then you should not bother with trading because you are gambler not a trader!

If you are interested in learning, well you can always go down the rabbit hole and learn what we do at the GlobalTrader.Club !