How crazy can it get

…markets move with the stars… no doubt!!

On May 10, as usual I gave a the swing hours for the day with the recommended price areas! Meaning markets would take swing at those hours and prices if the correlated.

Its hard to believe that the financial markets are run by the stars! But I like to believe what I see & not what I would like to believe!

I have taken financial astrology and technical analysis to a completely new level and it is a first. Astrology is not spooky or mystical. It requires understanding laws of nature and that we live in nature and not above it like we assume to.

We may think we are smart… but we are not. We just think or are lead to believe we are independent and can think and do things as we like… so far from the truth.

GlobalTrader.Club is the world’s only 1 man 1 billion dollar fin tech start up! Here to show that you have no control over your life or anything else for that matter… but you think you have because it being otherwise can never settle in your mind… welcome to lah lah land!