How Can You Know When Things Will Happen?

… waaaay before they happen!

If you are following the posts you already can see that the best way to trade the financial markets is to see things before they happen! Yes it is possible as I demonstrate it every day! Just like yesterday too.

In everything in life there is always a But and it usually comes with a capital B. You can not go and go crazy taking every astro hour for a swing in the market. It requires experience and technical analysis with money management! When you have these things together than you will be nailing it and even when you make mistakes you will still be in profit if you keep your approach consistent.

I already teach these methods and you can always check it out on my website here and I have also opened up the Club as an ongoing support mechanism. You are not going to be AND can not be successful in trading without having technical analysis and money management skills! Not gonna happen! BUT if you take this on like a career job you will make it because if you feel like this is your career you don’t have the luxury of failure in the long term until you get the skills functioning consistently!

If you are a trader or wish to trade the markets get the skills and be in an environment that can support you until you reach competency levels! Majority of the people who want to trade have this stupid idea that you can get in to the markets and make millions not knowing how these things really work! C’mon!!!

Below is 2nd May video showing pricing and timing! You can be successful if you match time to price even if you went against the market!

I hope it makes sense. The markets are an amazing opportunity if you know what you are doing and you give yourself a fair chance of getting educated with live market on the job training!