Future of Silver & Gold. Out with the old in with the Crypto.

Out with the old and in with the new. The future of money. Food for thought!

As humanity begins to transform from the material into the surreal reality it is worth thinking about the future of gold and silver.

We are transforming our lives ever more with time into a virtual reality. Video games and now developing artificial intelligence and virtual reality is leading us down the rabbit hole. Obviously this new trend will not add much to our happiness. As we have depleted and ended our materialistic evolution. However transformations always take time and as such we have a head of us a period of several years like twenty years.

So through out these years as virtual reality and thus money settles in, how much value will the new generation really give to gold and silver? The new generation has been living in their mobiles already for twenty years so in another twenty who will really give value to anything material. We will probably just convert cryptos for different services that we are procuring from services and goods providers.

This will ultimately reduce demand for gold and silver and only old school will keep them and then it will just die out with the old generation. Also another factor is, with the evolution of generations we can see a trend towards minimalism. People are no longer chasing the things that the previous generations are chasing. This will probably reduce economic activity over time voluntarily. Economic growth will no longer be measured as percentage growth but quality growth.

One more important factor is the depletion of natural resources everywhere around the globe. As we deplete more and more life will pressure us towards lower consumption.

So in conclusion, social evolution and change in values will bring about a transformation of how we value money as well. At the end of the day we are no longer in the gold system of currency valuation. Our paper money and credit cards are already virtual, its not like we roam the streets with cash loaded pockets. So now taking the next step forward is natural. Keeping in mind that the value of things depend on the value the society gives it, will be the new trend ahead!

So over the longer term out with the old gold and silver and in with the new cryptos and bartering options.

Ohh by the way, those who think gold may be God’s money, I say “Come on guys… get real!” Does God need money… I mean really!?

Certainly not. Thus its game over for materialsm. Until we finish the transition, birth pains are imminent and unavoidable. A smooth birth depends on only one thing: “Preparation!”