Chop Chop Markets

…winner even under horrible market conditions

Originally published on Substack on 16 May 2023

May 15 was a classic day! In fact the markets mostly go side ways and do get choppy! This is the time when most traders lose money because you never know which way the market will go and when!

Under such circumstances, actually under any market condition you can still get in great trades! Remember time and price are the only two real variables you need! The rest is your trade plan and trading the plan!

But imagine how easy it is to make that plan if you know the time the markets will turn and at what price!

See yesterday’s examples below!

For example imagine knowing market is going to push until a certain hour!!! Waaay before it happens obviously!! ?

Gold was side chop chop all day! But the astro hours and the technical analysis really covered the trades nicely! No dramas! ??

EURUSD below! I mean here we are completely against the market move BUT never the less my financial astrology methodology saves the day with technical analysis incorporated correctly as we do at GlobalTrader.Club

Check out the indices below as well! Its crazy but absolutely true! Financial astrology and technical analysis the GlobalTrader.Club way is a great solution to stress free trading with a great success rate!

Good luck with your trading! I sincerely hope that my Substack channel is making an impact in the way you look at markets. The only way to be ahead of the game is to think outside of the box and come up with things other people can not really compete with. This is what we have at the GlobalTrader.Club!

I also welcome investors who would like to invest in the development of this methodology’s computerized version!