Best Short Term Swing Trading or Day Trading Methods

Best Short Term Swing Trading or Day Trading Methods

People are always asking about the best way to trade. Shall we trade short term, or shall we trade long term or shall we scalp the market? Which method makes the most money? Which method wins all the time? Which one is good if I have a small amount of money?

These are all legitimate questions of wanna be a trader beginner.

These are all wrong questions! 

You should be asking yourself these questions after you get trading education that covers trading for the long, medium and short terms and scalping (which I actually do not recommend) and only then you should decide what suits your life best.

At the GlobalTrader.Club we focus on trading education that covers all the corners. This includes live trading with you for up to three months! On the internet you will not find traders who teach but here at the GlobalTraderClub we trade with you live so you can actually get into the rhythm and the psychology of trading.

Also our techniques are very different. Here at the GlobalTraderClub we invented our own price indicator that gives precision price targets based on Price Strength Time! Rather like Time, Space and Motion. This approach has led me to develop the world’s first indicator that gives precise pricing for the time frame you are trading in, PST indicator for short!

If you want to trade and make money first of all you have to learn how to trade! Many people are uneducated about trading and they WILL LOSE their money. A lot of people always ask how they can money trading fast and be on their way. This is a really pathetic way to approach the market.

If you want to make money trading it will not be with signal services or all kinds of indicators. In order to make money trading in the financial markets like forex, gold, indices etc you need to first find a trading coach! A trading coach that will mentor you and take you through the live trading process and literally trade live with you so you can get the hang of it on the job while you are trading. Otherwise you will be restricted to all kinds of people who are just selling you services that you really do not know how to use. If you do not get an education about the profession you want to apply you will definitely lose your money and go broke! No matter what you want to trade, whether it is crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, or forex, or stocks or indices or oil and commodities it does not matter because technical analysis works on everything! How you bring the tools of trading together is going to depend on the mentor and coach you chose and trade live with him so you can be an apprentice and then become a pro trader next to that person!

I hope you enter the world of trading with a good education that takes you through on the job trading process and gives you ongoing support also for the future to come as you become a professional trader.