Astrological Timing For Trading

… Marty’s way…

Timing the turns in financial markets with astrology is nothing new. BUT taking it to the next level, to the hour and minute is NEW!

Probably the most famous is W D Gann. As he was able to estimate price and time and he was also a good technical analyst. However, despite the many YouTube videos on W D Gann, I have not come across one precise and practical approach for the intra day or swing trader.

As a trader we instinctively want to trade with no losses and are always seeking some holy grail. I too have gone down that road and was fortunate enough to realize at the early stages of my trading journey that what is out there is not how I should be trading.

First and foremost, we are all different so how we handle a trade is going to be different.

Having said that, I still wanted a hit rate that was beyond the average. Way way beyond the average!

This quest led me to develop what I do now. Technical analysis and astrological timing! Price Time Motion all in one!

I can sincerely say that this is the holy grail of trading. If you are following me on Twitter and YouTube or Facebook you can easily see that the unique approach I have developed is nowhere else but here at the GlobalTrader.Club.

If you want to trade successfully, you need to have a good hit rate and that requires something that works well more often than not. So imagine something that works all the time, every time! Very hard to believe in this business. But when I came up with the slogan “Trade like a God!” I was dead serious! 

This is why I put it all on video (which actually goes to clients) and I also post what happened afterwards on social media. Since one should believe what one sees you can also see how astrological timing and technical analysis pricing works all the time! How can seeing the future not work! 

Even if you were to make mistakes and get stopped out, your losses are so few that it is immaterial.

I have developed the ATAM (Automated Technical Analysis Method) which delivers us pricing for all time frames based on Time Space Motion principles. The only indicator that gives pricing and not some colorful line or other sorts of shapes. On top of that I developed a method of reading the sky that anyone can learn and master to understand the time of the market turns.

Although it is illogical and dawn right crazy to believe that the market prices are moved by the planets, it is freaking true and I prove it everyday.

The best way to trade with certainty and amazing results is thus with astrological timing and technical analysis pricing! So learn something that works every time and all the time – and Trade like a God! See things before they happen!

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