Ageism! 40 years old and over? You definitely need to learn how to trade!

New research was done by Generation ( over seven countries has revealed that mid-career workers confront accelerating barriers to employment and ageism is growing. The reason is that hiring managers believe that it takes longer for 40+ to learn new skills, including new technology and apparently fitting into the culture too! Also, the study reveals that the 40+ category is more reluctant to pursue the training.

The study shows that the job market for those in their forties and over is tough and they will struggle in getting a job or changing their jobs or careers.

Although the trend has been ongoing for some time, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus has increased its speed in development. Midcareer workers’ employment has been damaging to over 50% of those seeking work. Undoubtedly the pandemic has also caused many redundancies in many industries.

Employers see candidates in their forties as having weaker skills relative to younger candidates despite the fact that 40+ employees may have a better performance on the same job compared to their younger co-workers.

The survey shows that people over 45 years old face persistent and increasing pressure in the global job market and the biggest problem is, no not their skill level, but their age! Apparently, 71% of job seekers over the age of  45 view their age as a major hurdle. The odds get even worse if you are from an underrepresented community.

The research has also found that the perception of ageism is well-founded. Hiring managers hold negative perceptions towards 45+ age group candidates. Although hiring managers acknowledge the fact that 87% of 45+-year-olds perform as good as their younger colleagues, what is perceived reality weighs heavier than reality.

Now let us put the above topic aside for a moment and look forward. The economy is heading towards a global recession. Supply line problems this Christmas will mean many people will not be getting what they want and the shelves may not be so full going forward. Inflation is on the rise and will continue globally, add that to many industries that are declining and unemployment will begin to grow.

So when is the best time to look for a job that you can do anywhere online and make money to get by and look after yourself and your family? The answer is; Right now! Before the world enters further declines, which are on the way!

This is why trading online is a must! Also, read my other articles where I wrote about cryptocurrencies!

If you do not know how to trade or understand how the markets work, you will get stuck! If you are in your forties and in a mid-career state you should definitely learn how to trade and even if you have a job, then still learn how to trade and keep the knowledge on the side, because you will need it!

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